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Having good parent communication allows parents to feel like part of their child's learning experience, and parents who feel accepted at school will volunteer in the classroom. 

This is the type of lesson that is helpful to have a second pair of hands.  Since children are at varying ability levels, some children will pick up on the concept of nonsense rhyming faster than other children.  Some children are better at the fine motor skill work of cutting and gluing. Having parent volunteers in place are important in these situations.


The resources listed below have another version for a wocket pocket.  Use the one that best suits your needs.  I wanted to give my students additional sight word practice, so I worded my pockets to suit my needs.

  Parent Communication: Having helping hands.
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I Have Some Time for a Rhyme

Unit 6: Word Work Use with Dr. Seuss
Lesson 11 of 14

Objective: SWBAT supply a rhyming word to a sentence with the understanding that rhyming words do not always have to be real words. Student Objective: I can make up nonsense rhymes.

Big Idea: In the style of A Wocket in My Pocket, students will create nonsense rhymes using their names.

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