Reflection: Performance Tasks Graphic Organizer Cumulative Activity - Section 4: Finalizing the Charts


I wish I could say that, after sixteen years of teaching, I don't make rookie mistakes.  But I still do.  While I have edited out a lot of the behaviors or assignments that seem to just cause me grief and frustration, I still err sometimes by trying to make things a little too interesting.   Take this assignment, for example.  I found the prompt.  I liked it, but I wanted to jazz it up by turning it into a graphic organizer.  I let the kids go wild with the design.  As a result, I got what I asked for -- 60 different graphic organizers, some so convoluted that they border on unreadable.

Whose fault?  Mine.  Did I write a rubric beforehand LIKE I KNOW I SHOULD?  Nah.  What's the result?  Heartburn on my part and the kids get a pretty easy grade.  (Because, if there is one thing that I really believe, it is that I do not punish students for my mistakes.)

Is it a crisis?  Not really.  I do think the process of designing the graphic organizer was valuable.  And many students had some breakthroughs in understanding.  Some of the final products are great.  But, here I am, thinking, "If only you had thought this one through a little better."

  When you create more work for yourself...don't you hate that?
  Performance Tasks: When you create more work for yourself...don't you hate that?
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Graphic Organizer Cumulative Activity

Unit 8: Twelfth Night, or What you Will
Lesson 10 of 14

Objective: SWBAT chart the similarities and differences among characters' attitudes toward love.

Big Idea: A graphic organizer is worth a thousand words...(or at least five hundred!)

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