Reflection: High Expectations TALKING to support math- with number talks - Section 4: Assessing this Task


This lesson is really intense for my students and for me as well.  I need to make sure I am informally assessing my students the right way, so I also need to make sure I have time planned for that.  The easiest way to insure that I can assess is to make sure my students are leading the conversation.  I encourage student communication so I can assess their conversation.  Also, I create diverse entry points into the lesson so students can talk and/or listen or show their thoughts at many times throughout the lesson.  I like to allow students, who may have had difficulty with one piece of the lesson, to have multiple chances to show others how they are understanding something!  This ensures that students can explore each others' thinking while it also gives me enough time to pay attention to each students' mat!

  Let Students Lead the Learning
  High Expectations: Let Students Lead the Learning
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TALKING to support math- with number talks

Unit 15: Cross Curricular Experiences
Lesson 2 of 7

Objective: SWBAT participate in conversations, follow directions and use manipulatives, to come to conclusions about math.

Big Idea: Talk them into it... let them talk their way through it... they will learn it (and learn it well)!

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