Reflection: Joy Lennie Seals His Fate - Section 2: Whole Group Reading


 In a word, riveted.  That's what my students became as we read chapter five of Of Mice and Men out loud today.

While I cannot remember where I learned it, let alone from whom, I do remember learning that one of the reasons teenagers sometimes lose interest in reading is that they are rarely, if ever, read to as they get older. Most of what they read is performed silently, and if a student at all struggles with reading comprehension, the gap can grow ever wider.

I have always tried to maintain a balance of oral reading, be it whole-group or small-group, and independent, silent reading in my classroom, whether I'm teaching 8th-grade or 12th-grade, and I have always participated as a reader, modeling cadence, inflection, enunciation, etc. for my students.

And when I witness a reaction like I saw from my students today, I am convinced that even if my throat is a little sore at the end of the day, it works.

  Works Every Time . . .
  Joy: Works Every Time . . .
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Lennie Seals His Fate

Unit 8: Of Mice and Men Part II
Lesson 2 of 9

Objective: SWBAT read chapter five of Of Mice and Men as a whole group, recording self-selected key passages and responses in their dialectic journals.

Big Idea: No he didn't! Students use past and present to predict future.

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