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Our school's copy machine has been malfunctioning for several days. As a result, I did not have handouts for today's lesson. Nevertheless, I did not want my students to feel dejected, so I chose this moment to focus on our listening and speaking skills and I adjusted my lesson accordingly.

We looked at a previous topic, whether writers should write about their own personal experiences or about someone else’s experiences to see which stems students would choose to share. Everyone shared for this lesson including the teachers.

Since I copied stacks of discussion tickets in advance, I had many copies available for every student (even copies should they need to crinkle a paper with errors and have a fresh and clean rewrite)

So, I was able to assess our progress from SL.6.1 to SL.9-10.1. Are we agreeing and disagreeing with our peers? Are we adding to the comments and opinions of our peers?

I am including additional student responses for this task: Share#4-#6, Share #7-#9 and Share#10-#12.

Working on SL 9-10.1c.:

After reviewing the responses, I observed that my students were not asking questions of their peers. Therefore, in using this approach in the future, I would tell my students since they have had sufficient practice with agreeing and disagreeing, we are going to move to the next discussion starter on the discussion tickets, asking a question. Then, I would have a volunteer share his or her opinion for discussion in a future lesson and allow the students to use the discussion starters to ask a question. After students get comfortable asking at least one question, then we can practice asking more than one question, thereby meeting the SL.7.1c requirement.

To meet SL.8.1c, I would have students practice using another discussion starter on the discussion tickets, adding to someone's idea. I have would have a volunteer share his or her opinion/idea. Then, have the class practice adding to that person's opinion/idea. When the class becomes comfortable doing that, then we can put the two together, asking a question and adding to someone's opinion/idea, thereby meeting SL.8.1c.  Consistent and deliberate practice will ensure that students will meet the SL.9-10.1c requirement.

(Please note: Share #11 is a teacher response)

  Perseverance: Maximizing the Share
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Unveiling the Familial and Financial Bonds Between Troy and Gabriel in Fences, Act 1 Scene 2

Unit 1: Fences: Character and Theme Analysis in Drama
Lesson 6 of 13

Objective: SWBAT analyze the character of Troy based on his interactions with Gabriel by examining the external conflict, importance of money vs. the importance of family, using the summarizing strategy SWBST.

Big Idea: Am I my brother's keeper? Troy's conscience will tell you the truth!

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