Reflection: Continuous Assessment Telling the Story - Section 2: Compare Points of View


To assess their learning, I might try to have them choose a specific event that they wrote from another's point of view and elaborate on it. I would have them describe the new event in more detail to start. I would also ask them to complete a few sentences that confirm their thinking. The more evidence used from the book the better, and support makes their writing stronger. 

This assessment would take some time. You could ask students the same thing and use evidence in their discussion to strengthen their thinking and explanation. The class then could help make each argument stronger. 

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Telling the Story

Unit 18: Number the Stars Literature Unit
Lesson 10 of 19

Objective: SWBAT determine who is telling the story of Number the Stars and then analyze how another character would change the way it is told.

Big Idea: Students will select another character and explain and write examples of how their point of view would make the story different from their point of view.

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English / Language Arts, Literature, Fictional Literature, historical fiction, analyze details, point of view, Number the Stars
  20 minutes
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