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Giving the students time to digest and discuss the information from the previous lesson was a great idea! It gave the students time to check their work, fill in the gaps, and really process the heavy topic.  

The students did a really good job discussing and even started the debate on the topic.  This showed me that the students were passionate about the topic, which really helps when we are developing the argument.  

The students were able to pull evidence from the text we read and use that evidence to support their claims.  I was ecstatic that they were using the vocabulary and demonstrating understanding of the concepts.  

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  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Advanced Organizer
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Should Zoos Exist-Day 2

Unit 11: Writing a Research Based Argument
Lesson 3 of 11

Objective: SWBAT identify main idea and supporting details in informational text and use the information to make claims based on evidence.

Big Idea: Students are faced with a tough decision, "Are zoos helpful or harmful to endangered species?" Students research information to take a stance on the topic.

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