Reflection: Gradual Release Should Zoos Exist-Day 3 - Section 2: Guided Practice


Today's lesson was an extremely frustrating lesson.  I am not sure if it was due to coming off of a long weekend or if the students really didn't understand.  I had to really slow down and reteach summarizing details and locating main idea.  The students were not really working too hard to locate or think about main idea. 

I had to stop and model writing a summary with the students.  Once I did this, they were able to better work independently.  I am finding it hard to push through the vocabulary in the text.  

I am still struggling with how to address the needs with lack of vocabulary.  I felt that if the students had the vocabulary to comprehend the article, they could have located the main idea and supporting details.  



  Guided Practice
  Gradual Release: Guided Practice
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Should Zoos Exist-Day 3

Unit 11: Writing a Research Based Argument
Lesson 4 of 11

Objective: SWBAT summarize informational text, identifying main idea and supporting details to use when making an argument.

Big Idea: Students are asked to pick a side on a controversial issue of whether or not zoos help endangered species.

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