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When I listened to the students read their trains and later when I was going over their work I noticed their were students who went with the visual letter rather than the sound. Most of the time the sound matched the letter, but is some cases the students went purely with the visual. Using the visual letter rather than the sound showed me that the student did not "say" the words as they created their word train, but rather went with just writing the words.

Next time I will make a point of using words with silent e at the end to show the students how the sound is what we are going for, not the visual letter we see at the end of the word.  

  Formative Assessment
  Checks for Understanding: Formative Assessment
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Word Trains.

Unit 11: Transportation
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Objective: Students will be able to demonstrate basic knowledge of one-to-one letter sound correspondence.

Big Idea: Making a word train offers students a chance to refine letter sound connections.

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