Reflection: Pacing Language Study: Holocaust Poetry (Day 1 of 2) - Section 3: Individual Poem Anlaysis


As I wandered around today, I took note of how far students were able to progress on their independent annotations in the time we had to work on them. I was surprised at how long it seemed to take some of them to get started. I think some of it is end of the school year malaise, but I also had to ask quite a few questions about what to annotate for in regards to connotation. 

Here are a couple of student work samples from two of my least motivated students. As you can see in this example of "Hitler's First Photograph", the student does an okay job of paraphrasing chunks of the poem, but does very little in regards to language analysis at the word level save for one small statement about dramatic irony at the end. 

In this example of "Naked", you can see a general lack of effort. He only managed to paraphrase one section of the poem in the almost 15 minutes he had to work on it, which is no good. I think taking the picture of his poem was subtle motivation as he was really nervous about who was going to see it later =).

In both cases, I am glad that I was able to see what these boys were up to so I could motivate them through informally checking in on their progress. I hope that they will finish their annotations for our jigsaw. I also think I need to do a little more instruction about how to read a poem a little more closely. I have another poem I am going to work with during our jigsaw day. I think the activity I do with it will also help...stay tuned!

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Language Study: Holocaust Poetry (Day 1 of 2)

Unit 16: Informational Texts: Analyzing the Narrative Non-fiction Style of Night
Lesson 3 of 7

Objective: SWBAT demonstrate understanding of figurative language and nuances in word meanings by analyzing the use of connotation and denotation in poetry.

Big Idea: We will take a step back from Night today to look at other forms of writing/emotional responses to the Holocaust.

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