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It can become very tricky when you are teaching the word family -uck, because it can trigger some words that you will not want to explore in school.  I used to begin this type of lesson, by warning students about certain words in this word family not being appropriate to school, but I found that the children became preoccupied trying to figure out what those words were more than the concept of the lesson.  If a word "pops" out, I gently say that that word, although a rhymer, is not appropriate for school, so we are going to let that word float away.  The less attention drawn to the "bad words", the less likely they'll be noticed.

When you are preparing the coins for the center, just don't make an "F" or "S" coin, and then you won't have to worry about reinforcing the negative word building.

  Lesson Planning: Be careful!
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Lucky Letter and Word Building

Unit 6: Word Work Use with Dr. Seuss
Lesson 8 of 14

Objective: SWBAT to build new words and then isolate the letter sounds in CVC words. Student Objective: I can build and read words by sounding out the beginning, middle and ending sounds

Big Idea: Students can use "gold" letter coins to build words on a mat and sound them out.

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