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Some students complained that they had never worked in a "laundromat" and therefore had nothing to write about.  Others began writing words that came to mind such as: bored, irritated, upset, hot, money, and tired.  

For the students who were stuck and needed a different entry point to this activity, I ask them to think of a time that they were in a situation with other people and they needed to be there but it was uncomfortable. I asked them to list words that described their experience.  This helped a few of those students think of some descriptive words.  Do you have any other suggestions for those reluctant writers?

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Analyzing The Laundry Club: Woman's work during the Harlem Renaissance

Unit 2: An Introduction to Harlem Renaissance Writers: Critical and Creative Reading and Writing
Lesson 9 of 9

Objective: SWBAT demonstrate an analysis of how the author unfolds a series of ideas or events during the Harlem Renaissance era by citing evidence.

Big Idea: How did woman workers during the 1930's in Harlem cope with nearly unbearable conditions?

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