Reflection: Standardized Tests (PARCC/Smarter Balanced) Standardized Test Review and Reading Practice - Section 2: NJASK Review


I know I'm not the first, and I'm sure I won't be the last, to say it but I have many issues with standardized tests. They don't seem an authentic way to assess student's ability nor do they seem a fair way to assess teaching skills. Unfortunately, they will be around for some time. In New Jersey we use the New Jersey Assessment Of Skills and Knowledge (NJASK). Next year we will begin using the PARCC test. I am optimistic that this test will be more aligned to the Common Core.

I do not teach the test often. My students tend to be incredibly motivated, sometimes too motivated, so I try and de-emphasize the importance of the test throughout the year so students can focus on what's important, which is learning how to be authentic readers and writers. This unit serves as a way to focus students thinking as they get read to this test. I do not want students to walk into the test completely unmotivated and unfocused, rather I do a mini-unit like this so students can start to focus their thinking on what they will do on testing day.

  Standardization Test Preparation
  Standardized Tests (PARCC/Smarter Balanced): Standardization Test Preparation
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Standardized Test Review and Reading Practice

Unit 13: Standardized Test Preparation
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Objective: SWBAT review the basics of standardized tests and practice reading comprehension.

Big Idea: State Test Time: Isn't it the most wonderful time of the year?

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English / Language Arts, Reading, Writing, PARCC, NJASK, standardized testing, test prep
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