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Now that the children have practiced at this station, they like to demonstrate their activities for me.  For many children, this gives them an opportunity to lead an activity and do a read-aloud.  However, when I don't get the chance to observe a group, their responses are important feedback for me.  I can see if there is enough for the children to do a center and I can see if they used their time wisely.  Setting this response writing as a routine for centers has made my small group time more productive since I have to check-up on my students less often.

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Dressing Up a Retell

Unit 11: Small Group Lessons with Big Impact!
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Objective: SWBAT listen to and use real materials to retell a story. Student Objective: I can listen to a story, and dress-up to retell the story.

Big Idea: After listening to a story, children can use props to retell the story.

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