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When I originally wrote this lesson, I was preparing for a professional observation, so there was a lot of content.  The observation was supposed to be an hour long, and anyone who has taught kindergarten knows that this is a long time to keep children engaged.  Since my observation was rescheduled, I still needed to teach this lesson, but I was afforded the opportunity to break this lesson apart.  Most of what was taught in the "Hook" section and beginning part of the "Procedure" of this lesson, happened on the first day; whereas, the remaining portion of the lesson was taught on the second day.

  When the Lesson Plan Changes
  Lesson Planning: When the Lesson Plan Changes
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Brown Bear Retold

Unit 4: The Very Busy Author--Eric Carle
Lesson 4 of 10

Objective: SWBAT listen to and create materials to retell a story. Student Objective: I can listen to a story, and make a beaded bracelet to retell the story.

Big Idea: Learning strategies can help promote better reading, and retelling a story builds comprehension.

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