Reflection: Discourse and Questioning Curses and Crimes in Anthem (Day 5) - Section 3: Discussion of Chapters 6-8


Even though we recently had a Socratic Seminar, I chose to have my students participate in another less structured discussion today. I did this because I noticed that some students did not earn participation points, and I was sure that it wasn't because they had nothing to say. This time, rather than have them initiate, I used "cold calling" as a way to force them to participate in this discussion. This was necessary for those students that can't seem to find a way to jump into student led-discussions. I think this is a way of scaffolding their speaking and listening skills, but the ultimate goal is to have them feel comfortable and confident to participate without being forced.

Today, when some students were forced to respond to the "cold calling" they were able to give insightful responses that demonstrated understanding of character motivations and development. If I hadn't done this today, I may have thought that they didn't have anything to say OR didn't understand our objective for the day. In the future, I might choose to use both strategies since I have students that benefit from each of them respectively.

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Curses and Crimes in Anthem (Day 5)

Unit 14: Making My Point: Anthem
Lesson 5 of 7

Objective: SWBAT cite examples from what is explicitly stated in the text by charting the curses and crimes of the main character and participating in a "cold call" discussion

Big Idea: Are we all cursed criminals? We discuss theCURSE of being too tall and thinking differently and the CRIME of creating light

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