Reflection: High Expectations Analyzing Elements of Dystopia in the Exposition - Section 3: Analyzing Collins' Dystopian Society


I always give my students the opportunity to be overachievers.  I always give all of my students the opportunity to be overachievers. And I always phrase it like this, "You need at least x.  If you'd like to be an overachiever, then you can do x+2 or 3."  It never ceases to amaze me how many students rise to the occasion. Of course, there are the students who want to know what the minimum is and will only do the minimum.  But if you phrase it as overachievers! We love overachievers! Overachievers are cool! and give the attention to the overachievers, then more students are willing to be overachievers.

Because who doesn't want to be recognized for going above and beyond?  I mean, really.

  Encouraging Students to be Overachievers
  High Expectations: Encouraging Students to be Overachievers
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Analyzing Elements of Dystopia in the Exposition

Unit 12: Novel Study: The Hunger Games
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Objective: Students will be able to analyze the impact of setting on the characters and plot by citing evidence of dystopian elements.

Big Idea: Authors don't always create dystopian worlds. But when they do, they include government surveillance, a protagonist that questions, and a disaster that changes the world.

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