Reflection: Intervention and Extension Student/Teacher Conferences and Writing Our Good Copies - Section 3: Peer Editing and Conferencing


I wanted to show you two types of scaffolding that I had to do during our student/teacher conferences.  The first type of scaffolding was for my new student. You can see this video here Conferencing With My New Student - Elephants.mp4.  He kept turning the pages of his flow map over and over and copied the order of his story in the wrong order.  Some of his sentences were  also not complete sentences.  What I did to help him with this is to go back to the flow map and edit one page at a time.  Once we had talked and edited each page, I had him copy his work to his good copy.  This was really the first time this student had done our class' system of writing and he did a great job.  These were easy fixes, and I know he will catch on with future writing projects.

The second video I have is the work of my student that has severe speech articulation issues.  I have worked so hard to get her to master standards this year.  She is struggling and right now falls into a gray area where she tests too high to qualify for any extra services but still struggles in the classroom.  I know there are many teachers out there that have this same experience.  You can see what I did to help this student with her writing here: Scaffolding For Students With Disabilities - Elephants.mp4.

  Intervention and Extension: Different Types of Scaffolding
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Student/Teacher Conferences and Writing Our Good Copies

Unit 20: Expository Writing About Elephants
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Objective: SWBAT implement edits to strengthen their informational paragraph writing with guidance and support.

Big Idea: We are in the final stretch. Today the students are going to be conferencing with the teacher and implementing the teacher's suggestions when they write their final copies.

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