Reflection: Routines and Procedures Writing Our Sloppy Copies and Peer Editing - Section 3: Writing Our Sloppy Copies and Peer Editing


With continued practice, my students are grpwing in the skill of peer editing.  I remember back to our Sharks unit, and a little boy of mine got really mad at his peer editing partner for trying to fix his work.  This time around he didn't get mad at his partner and actually let him make changes to his paper.  To create this kind of culture, it takes work and practice, but now I am so excited to hear how students are complimenting their partners about the good aspects of their papers and being incredibly kind when offering ways for their partner to improve their papers.  Also, the students who need more support have gone from not noticing any mistakes in their partner's papers to finding a few mistakes.  This is progress!  This tells me that our grammar skill lessons are being applied to their writing.

We will continue to work hard on editing between now and the end of the year.  I want them to have the most developed skills they can have before they go to 2nd grade.

  Peer Editing
  Routines and Procedures: Peer Editing
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Writing Our Sloppy Copies and Peer Editing

Unit 20: Expository Writing About Elephants
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Objective: SWBAT revise and edit their writing with support from peers by transferring their ideas from their flow maps to a "sloppy copy."

Big Idea: Our stories begin to take shape on our writing paper, and we get to help each other edit our work.

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