Reflection: Trust and Respect Responding to the Short Story "Sucker" by Analyzing the Author's Viewpoint - Section 1: Activator


Most students included words such as: trust, honesty, caring, "got you back," and keeping a secret as descriptions for friendship.  One student wrote that he has no "real" friends so would not know what to write. I asked him to define "real" and he said, "someone I can trust is not going to say or do things behind my back."  I responded, "There's your belief on what makes a good friend!"

  Student Words of Friendship
  Trust and Respect: Student Words of Friendship
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Responding to the Short Story "Sucker" by Analyzing the Author's Viewpoint

Unit 3: Short Fiction: Back to Basics
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Objective: SWBAT examine and convey a complex idea through analysis of the short story "Sucker" by writing a short explanatory essay.

Big Idea: Once students have a clearer understanding of the complex characters in the short story "Sucker," it's time to put their ideas on paper.

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English / Language Arts, Short Stories, theme, characterization
  75 minutes
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