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One of my favorite activities is having conversations with the students. They have a tendency to offer a unique perspective to topics as they still have an air of innocence about how the world works. It is this innocence that needs to be protected and not made fun of. Some students are very "worldly" and others may feel uneducated due to their own lack of knowledge. It is important to promote the fact that everyone brings something to the table when conversing collaboratively.

I generally start out with the easy things like pulling on clothes and pushing your toothbrush to clean your teeth. This prompts the less confident participants into realizing they do have ideas to contribute to the conversation. They may even surprise themselves by understanding just how much they already know about every day forces they use.   

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What Makes it Move?

Unit 11: Transportation
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Objective: Students will be able to participate in collaborative conversations with diverse partners about topics and texts with peers and adults in large and small group settings.

Big Idea: Discussing push and pull actions helps students understand how we use force to accomplish everyday tasks.

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