Reflection: Writing Across the Disciplines How Does the Author Tell the Story Day 3 of 3 - Section 4: Independent Writing


How did my students do responding to this piece of literature? Most of my students are using the vocabulary words we discussed during the reading and they are spelling the words correctly.

For example, in the write piece, Good Vocabulary Usage, the student used the word 'neighbor' in describing the plant next to the tiny plant. In this piece of writing, I also see the words 'warm weather' integrated into a sentence. While the students are using the language of the story, they are using their own words to retell/recount what is happening so far in the story. This makes their writing richer. I was not seeing this last year, so I feel that the emphasis on using text evidence is really paying off.

One student with his writing piece, Many details,Good Vocabulary Usage, decided to retell from the beginning even though that was not the task. In his retelling he correctly used all the events in order. Also, he uses rich descriptors for the events.

Their writing also demonstrates the flow of the story. Another student in the writing piece, The Seeds Are Turning Into Plants, writes and draws the hand that looms over a plant the child breaks. I feel this student connected to both the text and illustrations on a deeper level.

With another student, The Tiny Seed Only Has One Leaf, I realized that she needs some spelling help with the sight word, also. She kept misspelling it, something I had her notice. She went back and corrected some but not others. It is something I need to keep monitoring.

While this may be a simple story to read, what I appreciated about delving deeper into the structure of the story is that it helped build the vocabulary necessary for them express their ideas in a rich manner.

  Writing Across the Disciplines: Writing Reflection
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How Does the Author Tell the Story Day 3 of 3

Unit 8: The Tiny Seed
Lesson 5 of 5

Objective: SWBAT ask and answer questions to analyze the structure of the story.

Big Idea: Every author has their own unique way of telling stories. How does Eric Carle let us know things have changed for the tiny seed?

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