Reflection: Videotaping Folktales: What's the Big Problem Here? - Section 3: Partner Practice


I went a little overboard on the videos here, but they’re worth watching, I promise! Although many of these lessons seem short and simple, what has been most impressive to me are the interactions between partners and small groups. I’ve so enjoyed listening to students discuss elements of plot and debate what should be underlined while defending their opinions with evidence from the text.

I’ve included two videos here. They show two portions of a mini-debate that happened over what exactly was the conflict in their story. As I walked the room, I noticed that several pairs of students reading this text were struggling to find the main conflict. So I pulled them together to work as a small group.  I started taping midway through their conversation as I became enthralled with their thinking. The conversation went on well beyond these videos, but the two moments here best reflected critical thinking and supporting with evidence. Enjoy!


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Folktales: What's the Big Problem Here?

Unit 12: Folktales: Fables, Tall Tales, and Fairy Tales
Lesson 3 of 10

Objective: SWBAT locate the main conflict in a text, underline evidence, and label their learning.

Big Idea: After learning the difference between small problems and the actual conflict in a story, students work with partners to locate the conflict in their own text, underline evidence, and label their learning with brackets.

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English / Language Arts, compare-and-contrast, Fiction (Reading), conflict, theme, characters, questioning, fairy tales, fables, Folktales, tall tales, plot, anansi
  65 minutes
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