Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Making Socrates Proud: Socratic Discussion of Anthem by Ayn Rand (Day 4) - Section 3: Socratic Seminar


During the Socratic discussion, I chose not to intervene. I did give students a warning that I could not award them discussion points if I could not understand what they were saying. This prompted some of them to try to work on a more orderly discussion. This was a fairly large class, so if I do the discussion again, I will most likely have an inner and outer circle. We will start with an inner circle and have students only speak when they are in the inner circle. Then, I'll have them switch roles. While lots of students spoke, it was  hard for the shy students to interject, and I really want them to have the best chance possible of being successful in the discussion.

  Do I intervene or Not?
  Adjustments to Practice: Do I intervene or Not?
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Making Socrates Proud: Socratic Discussion of Anthem by Ayn Rand (Day 4)

Unit 14: Making My Point: Anthem
Lesson 4 of 7

Objective: SWBAT support claims about character motivations and conflicts by citing and discussing evidence in a Socratic Seminar

Big Idea: Socrates is smiling as my students enthusiastically participate in the discussion today

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