Reflection: Relevance Should Zoos Exist? - Section 3: Guided Practice


This particular task ended up being extremely beneficial for the students understanding of perspective.  The students were able to see their own personal biases and were able to push themselves to develop pros and cons even when they didn't agree.  This is very valuable to the process of writing an argument. 

I took a little more time than I had originally planned-but it proved to be beneficial and important. 

It also served as a great assessment for me to determine the knowledge the students have coming into the activity. 

  Pros and Cons
  Relevance: Pros and Cons
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Should Zoos Exist?

Unit 11: Writing a Research Based Argument
Lesson 2 of 11

Objective: SWBAT write summaries of arguments, identify claims and evidence, as well write arguments using claims and evidence.

Big Idea: Students look hard at the research and decide if zoos are harmful or helpful to endangered animals.

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