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Students now work on their own endings to their version of our story. I leave the resources projected on the board and walk around reading over shoulders and helping where needed to make sure they stay on task. Mine did not have much difficulty with this part because they had identified, read and written one together. Two difficulties they faced were wanting to leave their endings open so they could write a second chapter and writing too much in their endings. In this clip I share my ideas and solutions for each and a way to add this into your center work. 

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  Discourse and Questioning: difficulties and solutions
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Ending as Strong as You Started: Writing Climax and Resolutions

Unit 5: Writing Narrative Stories to Entertain Your Readers
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Objective: SWBAT...write a resolution to the climax and a strong ending by developing either a final hope, wish, memory or decision made by the main characters.

Big Idea: Ending your story strongly makes your readers want to read more of your writing. Our characters can hope or wish things had gone differently, remember the good times and friends, or make a decision for whats to happen next in their lives.

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