Reflection: Discourse and Questioning Poetry-What Is It? - Section 4: Let's look at some ideas and examples


As we went through the powerpoint looking at kinds of poetry, the kids had lots of questions about each kind of poem.  My goal with this powerpoint was not to discuss specific kinds, but just to show a variety of poems so the kids could see how poetry is different from a story or informational text. 

It's hard to 'quiet' that curiosity and not teach to mastery, but it was not the time to get into a long discussion about each kind of poetry. I'll save that for later lessons. It was especially frustrating when we discussed the acrostic poem because I knew my kids did not really get the idea of the poem. For now, I gave a shorter explanation and we'll do a lesson about each kind of poem next week.

  Discourse and Questioning: Kinds of Poetry - Explain now or later
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Poetry-What Is It?

Unit 14: Poetry-Rhythm, Rhyme, Repeated Words-Let's Look at Different Kinds of Poetry
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Objective: SWBAT describe how the key characteristics of poetry (rhyming, repeated words, and rhythm) add meaning.

Big Idea: We'll look at lots of poetry to see how fluency, rhythm, rhyming, and repeated words can encourage the kids to see the meaning in this special genre!

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