Reflection: Real World Applications Writing the Argument - Section 3: Independent Practice


I am not sure if it was the topic or the graphic organizer, but the students did really well with this activity.  It was almost too easy for my higher level students.  They were basically just transferring information.  In the future, I will be prepared with a new topic or a topic that doesn't have the research and allow them to dive in to find their own research. 

For the struggling learners, this lesson was perfect! They had the support they needed and felt really successful.  I was comfortable with their understanding and felt as if I am ready to take them to the next step.

For my higher students, I would just try to provide a different article or allow them to do additional research on the topic in the future. 

  Real World Applications: Writing
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Writing the Argument

Unit 8: Unit 6 Getting to Know Argumentative Writing
Lesson 6 of 11

Objective: SWBAT write an argument using claims and evidence.

Big Idea: Students pick a topic and write an argument.

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