Reflection: Text Structures: Name that Structure – Cause and Effect Edition - Section 2: Mini-Lesson


For today’s lesson, the text that I am giving students uses the Cause and Effect Text Structure. I want to mix up the order a bit so that students won’t rely on the order of their anchor chart to decide. Cause and Effect is often confused with Problem and Solution because kids usually see a cause to a problem and the effect is the problem itself. The main difference between the two is exactly that, the problem. Cause and Effect does not always have a problem and Problem and Solution does not always include a cause. Since there are such blurred lines with this, expect students to choose and defend both, which leads to great discussions.


  The Mystery Text Structure is...
  The Mystery Text Structure is...
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Text Structures: Name that Structure – Cause and Effect Edition

Unit 21: Text Structures Unit
Lesson 11 of 21

Objective: SWBAT identify which of the 5 Text Structures is used in a new text.

Big Idea: Continuing the study of Text Structures with a focus on identification of a mystery structure

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