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Being prepared for an argument is a general skill that can be applied to many facets of your life.  The skills that are required to build a good argument also help you become a critical reader and thinker.  You won't believe everything you hear the first time you hear it and will look for deeper understanding and meaning.  I often find that my oppositional students are some of my best "critical readers". 

I wanted the students to see the importance of really questioning and developing arguments.  Have they ever questioned the purpose of a penny?  It's always just been there.  I wanted them to start thinking on the topic, so later when writing on the issue, they have their own biases to pull from.

The students really struggled with coming up with anything you could buy for just a penny.  Most listed candy or pennies can be used for tax on a item. 

This was perfect for our discussion and for the students to see their own biases on the topic. 

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Do We Really Need the Penny?

Unit 8: Unit 6 Getting to Know Argumentative Writing
Lesson 5 of 11

Objective: SWBAT identify claims and evidence used to make an argument.

Big Idea: Imagine a world where your two sense...err...cents don't count for anything! Students look at the evidence and decide, do we really need the penny?

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