Reflection: ELL Students How Do Seeds Travel? - Section 3: Independent Reading: The Tiny Seed by Eric Carl


As most of my students worked independently, I pulled a small group to the rug for intervention. How did this go?

Out of the five students who I worked with today, two needed the most guidance. They needed direction to where to find the evidence in the story. They needed guidance to the specific page and the specific place on that page.

The student in the blue shirt needs the most help. He is struggling with reading, yet he is able to read this book, which is at a first grade level. How did I help him? I began by asking him to read the question and then encouraged him to find the evidence for it, which he did successfully. Once he was done with that question, I needed to repeat the same instructions again, read the question and reread if needed. For now, he needs the repetition and closeness.

The the other boy is a stronger reader but also benefits from me asking him to read the question and then guiding him in the same way. When he finds the answer and I praise him for it, and he relishes this.

The other girls who make this group were there because sometimes they doubt themselves. So I gave them much encouragement as they went about answering the questions. I made sure monitor them and praise their efforts. Usually, they spend 7 minutes in the small group and then they go back to their seats, once they feel ready to be on their own.

Overall, I felt this intervention was fruitful because it set them up to be successful with their task.

  ELL Students: Reflecting on Independent/Small Group Time
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How Do Seeds Travel?

Unit 8: The Tiny Seed
Lesson 1 of 5

Objective: SWBAT ask and answer questions to understand key details in an informational text.

Big Idea: Different forces help seeds move from one place to another. People are one source. Come find out how we help seeds move from place to place.

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seeds travel in different ways
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