Reflection: Modeling From Head to Toe - Section 2: Reading the story


I feel the success to this lesson was having my students perform the actions to the story.  These actions helped them learn new vocabulary, thump, arch, wriggle. I was glad I found the video with the song as a story.  This will be good for me to book mark and use as a quick activity to get their wiggles out.  I noticed that by doing the actions themselves they were able to draw their pictures so the animal looked like it was doing the action.  My students will perform to the CCSS expectations when they have an interest in the topic.  By adding the physical actions to the story, they were immediately interested.  I think my students had fun even though they were learning grammar and writing.

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From Head to Toe

Unit 5: More writing
Lesson 2 of 9

Objective: SWBAT engage in discussions about story details, act out the verbs and write an informational sentence about a character.

Big Idea: We will read the story and act out all the animal actions then write a sentence about one of the animals.

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