Reflection: Writing Across the Disciplines Ping, The Next Emperor! - Section 4: Independent Writing


How did my students do with providing evidence to support one of Ping's trait that would make him a great emperor? Let's look at their writing.

In this writing piece, PingAsTrustworthy, the writer shows how Ping is trustworthy because he didn't change the cooked seed that was given by the Emperor. Also, how Ping is trustworthy because he does not lie to the Emperor. She gives good details to prove the character trait of trustworthy.

Next, in the writing piece, PingLovesNature, the writer writes about how Ping loves nature. This is important since nature is also important to the Emperor, but this writer doesn't make this connection. In fact he repeats himself.

The next writer in this piece, YesPingisHonest, writes about Ping's honesty. This writer gives different examples of how Ping has demonstrated his honesty throughout the story. The writer refers to Ping's courageous actions that help him be a good candidate to be emperor. 

Overall, I feel my students did a good job with supporting the trait they chose with specific evidence from the story. It was interesting to see the same trait be referred to in different terms. For example, one student called it honest, another called it trustworthy. I believe this shows their thinking to be original. Regardless of what they called the trait, the important thing is that they did a good job finding the evident to support their claim.

  Writing Across the Disciplines: Reflection on Writing
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Ping, The Next Emperor!

Unit 10: The Empty Pot
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Objective: SWBAT to use key details to analyze the main character, Ping, and apply their understanding of the character.

Big Idea: Why is Ping chosen as the next emperor? He displays numerous traits that make him perfect for the role of governing the kingdom.

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