Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Creating a Character Day 3 - Section 2: Setting a Purpose


I feel very strongly about supporting writing lessons with mentor texts and honestly don’t recommend teaching lessons without them. When I originally planned this series of lessons, they were to follow reading lessons that highlighted examples of strong characters in fiction texts. However, this winter was exceptionally harsh and we experienced more than our normal share of snow days. And although having a day off – or many – is always nice, it wreaked havoc on my teaching schedule. In order to keep my next set of lessons from also getting off track, I had to steam ahead and squeeze these into an already packed week. So my normal readings from selected texts are replaced by quick conversations reminding students of specific texts we’ve read throughout the year. Not what I would suggest if I were to teach these lessons again – but sometimes it’s necessary to make such sacrifices. 

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Creating a Character Day 3

Unit 13: Writing our Own Fictional Tales
Lesson 3 of 16

Objective: SWBAT identify three character traits for their fictional characters and actions to support those traits.

Big Idea: After choosing two positive traits, students will select a trait that shows how their characters are "flawed" in some way. Students then determine the actions or behaviors each character will exhibit to prove these traits.

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English / Language Arts, Writing, characterization (writing), fiction, character traits, Character Study, fiction writing, character
  40 minutes
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