Reflection: Accountability Not Part, But All Of It - Section 2: Make It Whole Again


I have some students in my room that constantly make excuses as to why they cannot complete their task.  Students usually get a bit noisy and fussing when working creatively.  I want to ensure that all students are held accountable for their own success. Holding students accountable for their work will help them become responsible learners.  To do this, I remind students that they are all a part of the group, and without their total effort towards completing their task they hurt the group as a whole.  We go over some of the" Do Nots" that help promote a healthy learning environment.

Do not make excuses.

Do not disrespect others.

Do not speak out because it disturbs others.

These are just to name a few, but for the most part these “Do Nots” will help cultivate a healthy atmosphere for all students.  

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  Accountability: What I noticed!
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Not Part, But All Of It

Unit 3: Number & Operations-Fractions
Lesson 20 of 21

Objective: SWBAT Identify and write fractions equal to 1.

Big Idea: Who would not like an equal piece of a scrumptious sandwich? In this lesson students will discover how to identify and understand how fractions can also be a whole if they display enough parts.

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Math, Fractions, Manipulative Skills, equivalent fractions, discussions
  60 minutes
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