Reflection: Students with Disabilities Listen! - Section 2: Guided Practice


A few days after starting to use the telephone with these students, I attended the IEP meeting of one of them and mentioned this new intervention. The Speech and Language Pathologist told me that she thought this would also be beneficial to the student to monitor his articulation, since he is at a point in the program where he needs to start being responsible for self monitoring. It was fortunate to have the meeting at that moment because now I know of one easy way in which I can help the students with articulation problems (and they are quite common in first grade). 

  Students with articulation difficulties
  Students with Disabilities: Students with articulation difficulties
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Unit 3: Language and Foundational skills
Lesson 7 of 7

Objective: SWBAT self-monitor their reading with a plastic pipe "telephone".

Big Idea: Listen to yourself! ... so that you can fix any words that don't make sense.

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