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What does their writing suggest?

Well, unfortunately, I did not get deep responses from the students, and this surprised me. This is the first reading of the story, The Empty Pot by Demi. It is a long story, so I decided to divide the reading into two sittings. The text dependent questions I asked had to do with what the first part of the text explicitly stated, and I asked about the setting and asked them to look at the illustrations to gather details as we read. During Socratic Seminar, I posed the questions again.

Given these different opportunities to talk about it, I expected to see more in their writing. 

Their writing mostly shows a list of describing words for the setting and very simple understanding or connecting why the setting is important in this story.

In fact, this writing piece, beautiful place, is not complete. I am not sure what distracted the student from completing the task.

I was expecting more of them to talk about how it only made sense for there to be gardens since the Emperor and the people loved nature. This student hinted at this, and another student does briefly talk about how planting is important.

It is only the first reading, and I will make sure in the next readings to have another conversation about why the setting is important.

I was glad to see most of them at least understood this story happened a long time ago and in China. It was good to see them use both the words and the illustrations to help them understand this idea.

  Writing Across the Disciplines: Writing Reflection
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Getting to Know the Setting

Unit 10: The Empty Pot
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Objective: SWBAT ask and answer text dependent questions to understand key details about a literary text.

Big Idea: An Emperor who is very old needs a successor. How will he choose? He decides to let the flowers choose. How will this work out? Come and find out!

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