Reflection: Real World Applications Fire Fighter - Section 3: Guest Speaker


I love having guest speakers come talk to my students.  The fire fighters were so kind and spoke so gently to my students.  They have a real concern about for the safety of the children.  Their message came from sad experiences where children were trapped in burning houses and did not know who they were all dressed up in their suits and masks.  When children get scared they hide.  Children that hide, die because of smoke inhalation.  They asked the kids to touch the suits and boots and listen to the noise from the air tank.  They were teaching the children and preparing them for an emergency.  Then they had fun with them by letting them sit in the truck with hats.  What a wonderful experience for my students.  Every thing we read about and talked about today walked and talked to them.  What an awesome experience.  After our visit we went into the classroom and wrote our sentences.  Today was a very successful and memorable lesson.  

  It's real
  Real World Applications: It's real
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Fire Fighter

Unit 11: Careers
Lesson 7 of 9

Objective: SWBAT write an informative piece of writing based on a read aloud text.

Big Idea: We will read and discuss the career of a fire fighter then write an informative paper about a fire fighter.

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