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I was slightly surprised, as I lead students deeper into this unit, at the incredible range of due dates for scholarship applications; one or more seemed to be due every week!

As I conferred with students during the formative check, I asked each one if the due date for their scholarship would affect their motivation -- that is, namely, if they picked a scholarship with a due date in the "distant" future (like June or July) would they do a lesser job on the actual application.  Most students replied "no" (which I accepted at face value), yet, regardless, I felt it important to at least broach the subject.

In the end, I just had to pick a date really more because I had a grading deadline than any other reason.  Obviously, though, the date is arbitrary, and it does not (of course) prohibit students from applying for any other scholarship that may fall well beyond my classroom due date.  For this semester, the first time I had ever taught this unit, I found that three weeks after sharing the final target list (which is the final pre-application step) and including the three in-class workdays was a sufficient amount of time for nearly all students. 

  a note about the unit due date
  High Quality Task: a note about the unit due date
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Blogging Re: College Scholarships

Unit 8: Applying for College Scholarships
Lesson 6 of 6

Objective: SWBAT to blog about their experience completing a college application, thereby sharing their reflections with the world!

Big Idea: ... after the complex process of finding and applying for a merit aid scholarship students should reflect in their own words to "close the loop" of learning ...

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