Reflection: Standards Alignment Converting Weight using U.S. Customary System - Section 2: Practice


Academic vocabulary is a huge part of instruction.  Students need to learn the vocabulary associated with the procedures and skills they are learning.  In my classroom when we add a new vocabulary word for something we have been doing frequently I refer to it as learning the fifth grade way of saying it. 

For example, when introducing or reminding students to use operation, I would tell them that the operation is the fifth grade way of saying a symbol we use in math problems.  Instead of saying I was trying to determine if I needed to multiply or divide I would say I need to determine the operation.  I think as we move further and further into the common core standards we are going to be increase the academic vocabulary for our students tremendously.  I love listening to students using the academic vocabulary, they just sound so sophisticated! 

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Converting Weight using U.S. Customary System

Unit 2: Measurement
Lesson 4 of 11

Objective: The students will be able to convert measurements of weight within the U.S. Customary System.

Big Idea: Ounces and pounds and tons! Oh, my!

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