Reflection: Routines and Procedures The Math Curse - Section 2: Inclusion - Engaging Students in Their Learning


Although the video is not about this lesson it shows my students tossing the koosh ball or pop-corning. 

This strategy removes the possibility of me calling on the same students and passes the responsibility to them.  It also gets the students looking at who has been included and who has not - creating a feeling of worth and inclusion in the class.  By about the third week of school my students will be asking who has not had a turn before they toss the koosh to another students.    They will also comment on if the koosh has gone to all boys, girls or by grade.  I see this as successful transference of including others over to the students from me.

  Routines and Procedures: Popcorning Answers
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The Math Curse

Unit 1: Getting Started
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Objective: For students to recognize math is everywhere and to create a folder to collect and organize their portfolio of work

Big Idea: Math is everywhere

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