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Today's lesson made a lot of sense to my students because the career we talked about was something they all could relate to.  We had a guest speaker that did the talking and teaching.  I feel it is important for my students to learn from as many people that they can.  Not just me.  With guest speakers, we have a discussion prior to the lesson about appropriate behavior and using our manners.  Teaching life skills is part of kindergarten, which is the foundation of their academic life.  Because my students had a lot of discussion and opportunities to learn about this career, they had an easy time with the writing.  I think today's lesson was a success.

  It's real
  Real World Applications: It's real
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Hair Stylist

Unit 11: Careers
Lesson 2 of 9

Objective: SWBAT write an informative piece of writing based on a read aloud text.

Big Idea: We will read and discuss the career of a hair stylist in order to write an informative paper about a hair stylist.

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