Reflection: Joy Converting Length using U.S. Customary System - Section 2: Practice


Students actually enjoyed the converting worksheet.  I was surprised.  I think it was something they were comfortable with and it made sense in their mind.  They liked practicing a concept they could easily apply.  It was great to see them excited to do math.  Most of the time, it is half the battle to get students to be interested in a topic and desiring to work on a skill.  Whatever hook I can use to engage my students I use it.  Who knew it could be something like a worksheet that would get them interested in math. 

  Hook, line, and sinker!
  Joy: Hook, line, and sinker!
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Converting Length using U.S. Customary System

Unit 2: Measurement
Lesson 3 of 11

Objective: The students will be able to convert measurements of length within the U.S. Customary System.

Big Idea: One foot…. two feet… red foot… blue feet?

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