Reflection: Qualitative Evaluations Outlining And Drafting An Essay For “The End of Something” - Section 1: Students Work On An Essay Outline


Students’ outlines are an important step in planning for a well-organized essay. Several students were only able to include a thesis statement and topic sentences on their outline, like the sample outline included in this section. This can be worrisome. It may appear that students like this one are being unproductive, but I actually think students just have a difficult time preplanning their essays. What they want to do is just jump into a draft and get it over with and they believe that is a good approach, but it is not. The times they approach essays in that manner result in long summaries and they fail to make any points about the text at hand. Approaching an essay by preplanning an argument is more difficult for them and very time-consuming at this point.

  Students' Outlines
  Qualitative Evaluations: Students' Outlines
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Outlining And Drafting An Essay For “The End of Something”

Unit 5: Modernist Literature
Lesson 4 of 17

Objective: SWBAT establish a written argument about “The End of Something” by spending time outlining ideas.

Big Idea: Preplanning an argument increases the chances of successfully making one.

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English / Language Arts, Writing Process, Modernism, citation (Research Writing), Hemingway, essay outline, questioning strategy
  50 minutes
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