Reflection: Unit Planning "The Ant and the Grasshopper"- Use of Realism in Fables - Section 4: Closing the Loop


My direction for this lesson was based on the backwards mapping strategy we use at our school - find out what students need to know for college and then teach it through the younger grades to build some basic knowledge at their differentiated levels. Common Core has this same focus in building on knowledge from grade to grade. My "Big idea" was "Realism in Writing" - which came from a paper I was helping my own daughters write for college. I went back to the Common Core standards for our grade out of curiosity and realized that this is part of our ELA expectations for this grade because we are asking students to determine how the authors use words, facts and their own opinions to create pieces that show what they feel is a good piece for their writers - definitely influenced and showing a point of view. From here I looked over my unit and decided on what part would be the best for introducing this topic and how I could give students step-by-step lessons that would build on their knowledge until the light bulbs went off with understanding. This lesson came from that process and I plan on evaluating more college class materials to continue this process so as to ensure my students leave me with the tools they need to continue to succeed. Now if only there was a magic way to make more time in a day:)    

  students understanding direction of lesson
  Unit Planning: Students Understanding Direction of Lesson
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"The Ant and the Grasshopper"- Use of Realism in Fables

Unit 6: Busy as a Bee (or Ant)
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: SWBAT...Identify the author's use of realism in "The Ant and the Grasshopper".

Big Idea: Realistic fiction is based on real life with a creative twist!

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English / Language Arts, personification, realism, fable, Expository Writing, realistic fiction, story structure
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the ant and the
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