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The idea for the Lucy scrapbook came about when I worked with a class visual learners one year.   I realized that for those students, actually recreating the Lucy poems would better help them understand what they meant. I asked them to draw the circumstances Wordsworth was in when he wrote 'Strange fits of passion I have known'.  The students drew pictures of Wordsworth on a horse on a moonlight night, or Wordsworth in front of a cottage with a setting moon behind.  We then discussed the comparison between the moon and death, and the urgency of the speaker in the poem, who is afraid he is too late. 

I then had my students write an imagined a draft of the poem early on, and then another.  This turned into the scrapbook project I use today, which incorporates not only the poems, but also a close reading of Wordsworth's poetics. 

It isn't always easy to articulate exactly what goals and objectives students are meeting when embarking on a project like this. I want my students to understand the poems, but it's not just the meaning of the poems, it's the understanding that when any writer sits down to write, there is a process involved. By recreating that process the students get a better understanding Wordsworth, and of writing.


  Rationale for the Lucy Scrapbook
  Learning Communities: Rationale for the Lucy Scrapbook
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Creating a Lucy Poem

Unit 2: The Romantic Poets
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Objective: SWBAT apply the writing process to the Lucy poems

Big Idea: What influences an author?

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English / Language Arts, poetic technique, Romantic poets, William Wordsworth
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