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While the students are reading their opinion to the rest of the group I allow the audience to give constructive criticism to the speaker. I remind the students their comments need to be said in a positive way which will help the speaker improve on their performance, not make them feel "bad."

I practice this skill with the students using myself as the target first, before allowing the students to critic each other. This gives the students practice at how to formulate their comments without anyone getting their feelings hurt. I tell the students to use "I" statements such as, "I think the speaker needs to slow down while they are reading so I can understand what they are saying." By not using actual names in their comments the person receiving the comments feels less threatened.

When the speakers take in what their peers feedback they are more likely to change their performance techniques than if I were to tell them indirectly through a one-on-one conference.      

  Student Feedback: Self-Reflection
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Home is Best

Unit 17: Solar System
Lesson 9 of 9

Objective: Students will be able to compose an opinion piece in which they tell a reader the topic and state a preference.

Big Idea: Writing about why they think Earth is the best planet to live on, helps students express an opinion.

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English / Language Arts, Native American literature, opinion, setting, literacy, sentance
  65 minutes
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