Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Converting Units of Measurements - Section 2: Practice


Creating simple formulas like 12 inches = 1 foot is what got me through college chemistry and physics.  Whenever I got stuck on how to use a certain equation I would always create a little example on paper that I could use as a model to help me.  For example, speed = distance/time was always a tricky equation for me.  Sometimes I would have to solve for distance given time and speed and then this equation didn’t exactly work in this form.   But if I was able to plug in numbers using the formula and then I was able to create a new equation for determining the distance by manipulating the numbers and equation. 

By creating a simple tool students can always come back to, it offers students an opportunity for having a starting point.  Sometimes that’s what it’s all about; having a starting point and avoiding a long moment of doing nothing.  In this lesson I was able to give students a quick example that they all could easily reproduce and use in the future.

  It's elementary, dear Watson!
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: It's elementary, dear Watson!
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Converting Units of Measurements

Unit 2: Measurement
Lesson 2 of 11

Objective: The students will be able to determine which operation is needed for a conversion.

Big Idea: Again and again and again.

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