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When I have the students read their sentence to me or to a classmate is when the student can truly self-assess whether their sentence makes sense. I often find the students get so focused on the writing that they forget to check their sentence as they go. Reading it out loud after they have written it causes them to realize exactly what they have written and we can then begin to work on editing skills. 

If a student reads their sentence aloud and still does not comprehend the fact their sentence does not make sense, that is when I have the student really focus on using a tracking finger to go over each word in their sentence. This can often cause slower more stilted reading but it does help the student pick up on the fact their sentence does not flow as well as they thought.  

  Formative Assessment
  Student Self-Assessment: Formative Assessment
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Pay It Forward

Unit 5: Snow
Lesson 5 of 5

Objective: Students will be able to produce a sentence to narrate an event.

Big Idea: Writing about a time they were kind helps students practice narration skills.

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