Reflection: Student Led Inquiry Cosmically Cool Planet Research! Day One: Prepare for Launch! - Section 2: Enrolling Activity: Inquiry-Based Research


This research project is unlike others we have done earlier in the year.  Instead of providing students with predetermined categories for research, they'll generate their own questions about what they want to research related to a planet of their choice.  Students will be more invested in their learning as they have choice, and control in what they're learning about.

  Inquiry-based Research
  Student Led Inquiry: Inquiry-based Research
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Cosmically Cool Planet Research! Day One: Prepare for Launch!

Unit 5: Out of this World! Exploring Enriching Literature and Cosmically Cool Informational Text
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Objective: SWBAT generate questions about planets that can be answered during research. SWBAT participate in presentations to build schema about planets in our Solar System, and choose a favorite planet to research, other than Earth.

Big Idea: The students begin an inquiry-based planet research project.

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English / Language Arts, research report, Writing, Reading, Comprehension (Reading), Writing Process, third grade, research question, inquiry based, powerpoint, Student Choice, research, background knowledge, technology, schema
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planet research day one
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